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Road Runner Serpentine Kit

Road Runner Serpentine Kit



  • The “Road Runner” billet aluminum front runner system to accommodate power steering and aftermarket air conditioning. A high quality compact package, all brackets and pulleys are made from 6061 T6 aluminum at their facility.
  • October 2020 update – Please note that the water pump pulley is only drilled for the current three-bolt water pump. If you have the 4-bolt water pump, you will need to replace it with the 3-bolt water pump available below.
This item: Road Runner Serpentine Kit
1 × Ford Coyote Water Pump; 3-Bolt for 2011-2019 Coyote Mustang F150
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A PSC power steering pump and Sanden Sd7 A/C compressor are standard with the kit.  The drive system is compatible with Ford racing and OEM alternator kits, which can be ordered with the drive system as a package.   Kits also include all of the other “Turnkey” components you would expect such as power steering reservoir with fittings, A/C fittings, belt, O.E.M tensioner and high quality hardware. Kits are available in black hard anodize.

“Road Runner” kit includes:

-All 6061 T6 machined brackets, & pulleys

-PSC power steering pump

-Billet power steering pulley

-Machined A/C compressor cover

-Power steering reservoir, cap, bracket, & pressure fitting

-Sanden SD7 air conditioning compressor

-Air conditioning compressor fittings

-OEM Ford belt tensioner

-Billet tensioner pulley

-Billet H20 pump accessory drive pulley (3-bolt water pump required)


-Hardware & instructions

-Works with O.E.M alternator or Ford racing alternator kit