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FFG Custom Made 1973-79 Ford Truck Door Panels

FFG Custom Made 1973-79 Ford Truck Door Panels



These are designed in house and custom made with your choice of materials.  These are a full length door panel and provide a clean look and custom handmade feel.  The fit has been custom tailored and made to fit better than original.  The original door panels were shorter and left a lot to be desired.

  • These are custom made and take 3-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Upon purchase of the door panels, we will reach out to you and discuss colors and design.  
  • Base Price for vinyl and suede options



The speaker grille is pressed and painted aluminum. It’s set up for a 6.5” speaker upgrade in the front doors. Speaker not included. The materials are provide and included in the cost as with a template to drill the installation holes. There will be some prep work of about 30 min a door to get ready to install. All hardware included. If you want us to match what you currently have on a pre-existing seat, please send a sample of the materials to match. We can’t guarantee a perfect match, but we can get extremely close most of the time. We can also provide you the materials as well for your bench seat too.