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Aeromotive A1000 In-Tank Pump Assembly

Aeromotive A1000 In-Tank Pump Assembly



Fat Fender Garage is happy to offer a new in-tank fuel pump option for your high-horsepower & forced induction applications.

Add the 10-bolt flange adapter by checking the box below.

This item: Aeromotive A1000 In-Tank Pump Assembly
1 × Boyd 12 Bolt EFI to Aeromotive 10 Bolt Stealth Adapter Plate
Kit Includes: 1) CNC Machined Adapter Plate 1) BW EFI Buna Gasket 12) 10-32 1" Stanless Screws (BW Pattern) 10) 10-32 3/4" Stainlss Screws ( Aeromotive Pattern)
SKU: BW-41003


Have you installed one of our Stealth 340 tanks and don’t want to purchase a new tank for your new power needs? You can now purchase this A1000 Aeromotive in-tank pump, with the Boyd 12-Bolt EFI to Aeromotive 10-Bolt Stealth Adapter Plate for an easy bolt-in upgrade.

Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump Details
100 Micron stainless steel Fuel Filter / Pickup
20″ long 3/4″ aluminum tube w/ 90 degree bend
Gaskets, mounting ring, bolts and washers for a positive seal mounting

CARB or EFIPower AdderFUELHorsepower
EFINaturally AspiratedGas1300
EFINaturally AspiratedE85910
CARBNaturally AspiratedGas1500
CARBNaturally AspiratedE851050
EFIForced InductionGas1000
EFIForced InductionE85700
CARBForced InductionGas1200
CARBForced InductionE85840


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