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1960-1962 Chevy Truck Standard Aluminum Tank NON-EFI

1960-1962 Chevy Truck Standard Aluminum Tank NON-EFI



Fat Fender Garage offers this non-EFI tank for your 1960-1962 Chevy truck . It will allow you to remove the old, smelly tank behind the seat. It works great for carbureted motors but don’t be mistaken, this is baffled and allows you to easily upgrade to a Stealth 340 in the future when you upgrade to an EFI motor.

Pictures show optional accessories installed. Choose your configuration below.

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1960-1962 Chevy Truck Standard Aluminum Tank – NON-EFI

  • Tank Dimensions: 35.5 x 19 x 10
  • Tank Material: .125 Aluminum
  • CNC Machined Non Vented / Threaded Cap.
  • 1/2″ NPT Vent
  • 3/8″ NPT Return
  • 3/8″ NPT Draw
  • 3 Baffles
  • Approx 22 Gallons
  • This tank is a NON-EFI but we have constructed the tank so that you can upgrade to our in-tank EFI system in the future.

Flush Bed Fill: Standard bed fill tank with cap. The standard bed fill tank will come with a threaded cap and neck as shown in the pictures which sticks up approx 3”. It is not intended to come through the bed floor, it will be just below the bed floor which will require you to install an access door in the bed floor. You will then open that door reach through and take the cap off the tank to fill it. If you add the Flush Floor Fill Option you will receive a tank with a 2” Hose barb on the tank and the flush bed floor fill kit which will be mounted into your bed floor then you connect the tank via the supplied rubber hose and clamp.

Fuel Level Sensor: If you are using stock gauges, use the 0-30 or 0-90 OHM resistance option per your truck requirements.  If using the Dakota Digital gauges, you can use any OHM resistance. Flange Block Off Kit: If you plan on using the tank before you decide the level sensor you will need a block off kit with gasket to seal the flange for use.

Rollover Safety Vent: The Roll Over Safety Vent is a simple ball check valve that allows air in and out of the tank as needed. In the event of a Roll Over the ball will drop and block the vent port from leaking fuel. Additionally, the ROV also has a small float inside that will help reduce the amount of liquid entering the vent hose from fuel slosh during normal everyday use.

Lead time: Our fuel tanks are made to order by Boyd Welding, here in the U.S. and typically arrive within two weeks from date of order.

Additional information

Rollover Safety Vent

Standard No ROV, Add Rollover Vent

Sending Unit

Standard No Sending Unit, Add 0-90 OHM Sender, Add 0-30 OHM Sender (Stock Gauges), Add Block Off Kit

Universal Mounting Kit

Standard No Mount Kit, Add Universal Mounting Kit

Bed Floor Fill Kit

Standard Bed Fill Tank with Cap, Add Boyd Universal Flush Mount Bed Floor Kit

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