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1978-1979 Ford Bronco Rear Mount Fuel Tank – Coyote Swaps

1978-1979 Ford Bronco Rear Mount Fuel Tank – Coyote Swaps



  • Custom fuel tanks designed for the 78-79 Ford Broncos.
  • Pictures show optional accessories installed. Choose your configuration below.
  • Please Note: This product is made to order. We typically see shipment two weeks after time of order.
SKU: FF-14070-OEM1


Tank Material: 1/8” 5052-H32 Aluminum
Tank Dimensions: 31.5” x 24” x 10” Taper to 8”
Approx Gallons: 21
Fuel Fill: 2.25” Ribbed for Hose
Vent 1: 5/8” Ribbed for Hose Fill Vent
Vent 2: ½” NPT Tank Vent
Fuel Feed: Provision for AC Delco Pump (optional)
Return: 3/8” NPT
Sending unit Flange: YES
Baffles: YES x3


Fuel Level Sensor: If you are using stock gauges, use the 75-10 OHM resistance option.  If using the Dakota Digital gauges, you can use any OHM resistance. Flange Block Off Kit: If you plan on using the tank before you decide the level sensor you will need a block off kit with gasket to seal the flange for use.

Rollover Safety Vent: The Roll Over Safety Vent is a simple ball check valve that allows air in and out of the tank as needed. In the event of a Roll Over the ball will drop and block the vent port from leaking fuel. Additionally, the ROV also has a small float inside that will help reduce the amount of liquid entering the vent hose from fuel slosh during normal everyday use.

Fuel Pump: AC Delco Fuel Pump is an in-tank fuel pump that supports up to 550 HP.

Fuel Management System: Vaporworx – The BoostWorx Coyote fuel module control system has everything needed to provide a true OE-type returnless fuel system for the Ford Coyote crate engine packages. When used with the low-cost AC Delco pump, the system will provide the fuel volume and manifold referenced fuel pressure as specified by Ford. The key to making this system simple to use is the stand-alone manifold pressure sensor that tells the VaporWorx controller how to adjust the fuel pressure to the Ford specifications.

Don’t forget to add the returnless fuel line kit to complete your fuel system install linked below.

*Lead time Our Coyote swap fuel tanks are made to order, here in the USA and typically arrive within two weeks from date of order.

Additional information

Fuel Level Sensor Option

Add 75-10 OHM Sender (Stock Style Gauges), Standard No Fuel Level Sensor, Add 0-90 OHM Sensor, Add 0-30 OHM Sensor, Add 240-33 OHM Sensor, Add Flange Block Off Kit

Rollover Safety Vent

Standard No ROV, Add Rollover Vent

Fuel Pump

None, AC Delco Fuel Pump

Fuel Management System

None, Vaporworks

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