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1978-1979 Ford Bronco Rear Mount Fuel Tank For Coyote Swaps

1978-1979 Ford Bronco Rear Mount Fuel Tank For Coyote Swaps



1978-1979 Ford Bronco Rear Mount Fuel Tank For Coyote Swaps

The best solution for an OEM style fuel tank system for your Coyote swapped truck. Includes the GM in-tank fuel, PWM fuel management system, 1/2″ roll over valve, and 0-90 OHM fuel sender. Scroll down for more details on this tank and these parts and why we use them on every build at Fat Fender Garage.

Check the boxes below to add optional accessories to your order.

      • Fat Fender Garage Returnless Fuel Line kit – get everything you need to complete your fuel system to the fuel rail. Requires the GM fuel pump and PWM fuel management kit.
      • Fat Fender Garage Wood Bed Billet Fuel Door with your choice of finishes. Finish off your bed in style and function.
        • OR
      • Boyd Welding CNC Machined Universal Flush Mount Bed Floor Fill Kit
Fuel pump, Fuel Sender and roll over valve included
This item: 1978-1979 Ford Bronco Rear Mount Fuel Tank For Coyote Swaps
1 × Fat Fender Garage Wood Bed Billet Fuel Door
Fat Fender Garage Wood Bed Billet Fuel Door *Free shipping* Choose from the following finishes:
  • Polished aluminum – Hand polished by a local expert craftsman for the finest show-quality finish.
  • Brushed aluminum – Beautifully CNC machined with a great quality brushed finish.
  • Black Cerakote – Cerakoted with the highest quality materials in-house here at Fat Fender Garage.
  • Bronze Cerakote - Cerakoted with the highest quality materials in-house here at Fat Fender Garage.
1 × Returnless Style Fuel Line Hose and Fitting Kit - Coyote Swap
Designed to work with our returnless style pumps and includes all the fittings and line to go from the fuel tank and connect to the coyote fuel rail.  Fuel filter and clamps included. Works with Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3 Coyote motors.  Must be used in conjunction with the Pulse Width Modulated motoring system to control fuel pressure and flow. 
SKU: FFG-14070-OEM1-loaded


1978-1979 Ford Bronco Rear Mount Fuel Tank For Coyote Swaps

  • Tank Material: 1/8” 5052-H32 Aluminum
  • Tank Dimensions: 31.5” x 19.75” x 10” Taper to 8”
  • Approx Gallons: 21
  • Fuel Fill: 2.25” Ribbed for Hose
  • Vent 1: 5/8” Ribbed for Hose Fill Vent
  • Vent 2: ½” NPT Tank Vent
  • Fuel Feed: Provision for AC Delco Pump (optional)
  • Return: 3/8” NPT
  • Sending unit Flange: YES
  • Baffles: YES x3

Fuel Pump: Included – This tank has a special pocket with a flange that will only accept the GM in-tank pump assembly. Fat Fender Garage uses this pump in every Coyote swap build in our shop. It is the same pump used in millions of vehicles and has years of research and development behind it. Plus, you can pick up a replacement pump at most auto parts stores.

Fuel management system: Included. Fat Fender Garage uses a PWM fuel management system in every one of our Coyote swaps. It allows us to run a returnless fuel system, just like Ford designed. Using the PWM system with the GM fuel pump provides you with a clean installation that provides reliable performance and only requires a single fuel line running to the fuel rail. No need for external fuel regulators or gauges on the firewall with this setup so you can keep your engine bay clean and tidy. An additional benefit to the PWM system is it prevents pump overheating by controlling pressure by voltage vs running the pump at 100% duty cycle and choking it down with a fuel regulator.

  • The PWM Coyote fuel module control system has everything needed to provide a true OE-type returnless fuel system for the Ford Coyote engines. When used with the GM fuel pump, the system will provide the fuel volume and manifold referenced fuel pressure as specified by Ford. The key to making this system simple to use is the stand-alone manifold pressure sensor that tells the PWM controller how to adjust the fuel pressure to the Ford specifications.

Fuel Level Sensor: Included – We include a 0-90 OHM fuel level sensor with our Coyote Swap tanks. If you need another OHM range, please tell us in the notes section at check out.

Rollover Safety Vent: Included – The rollover safety vent is a simple ball check valve that allows air in and out of the tank as needed. In the event of a rollover, the ball will drop and block the vent port from leaking fuel. Additionally, it also has a small float inside that will help reduce the amount of liquid entering the vent hose from fuel slosh during normal everyday use.


Running more than 550 HP? Upgrade to the 800 HP GM fuel pump for higher power up to 800 HP. It has two 190 lph at 58 psi/400 kPa fuel pumps in OE type primary fuel pump module. The module flows (with jet pump to fill module and jet pump for fuel transfer functioning) 270 lph at 13.5 vdc/58 psi and 335 lph at 14.8 vdc/58 psi. *This is a special order item – please contact us for current pricing and availability. This 800 HP pump also requires the PWM  fuel management system. 

Lead time: Our Coyote swap fuel tanks are made to order by Boyd Welding, here in the U.S. and typically arrive within two weeks from date of order. The GM fuel pump and PWM kits ship directly from our shop in Gilbert, AZ.

Additional information

Fuel Level Sensor Option

Add 75-10 OHM Sender (Stock Style Gauges), Standard No Fuel Level Sensor, Add 0-90 OHM Sensor, Add 0-30 OHM Sensor, Add 240-33 OHM Sensor, Add Flange Block Off Kit

Rollover Safety Vent

Standard No ROV, Add Rollover Vent

Fuel Pump

None, AC Delco Fuel Pump

Fuel Management System

None, Vaporworks

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