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1953-55 Ford F-100 Windshield Weatherstrip Seal – No Trim Groove

1953-55 Ford F-100 Windshield Weatherstrip Seal – No Trim Groove



This application goes first on the glass and is installed using the rope-in method. Made from ozone resistant EPDM rubber and from the same OE specs as the original for an authentic fit and finish.

SKU: WBL 330


Listed Applications

  • 1953 – 1955 Ford – F Series
  • 1953 – 1955 Ford – F-100
  • 1953 – 1955 Ford – F-250
  • 1953 – 1955 Ford – F-350

Installation Clean glass thoroughly. Apply gasket onto glass starting at the corners. Make sure corners and trim are in the right place. For gaskets without corners, make sure you place the vulcanized seam in the bottom middle of the glass. PI0018- B STYLE Insert a 1/4″ diameter rope in the section at the bottom of the gasket. Starting at the bottom and overlapping 6 to 8 inches. Spray the gasket with a soapy water solution to help ease installation. Lay the glass and gasket into the vehicle opening making sure it is aligned squarely. Start pulling the rope from the inside of the vehicle working slowly across the bottom* and up the sides and finally across the top*. Gently pat the glass into place with a flat hand from the outside.