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1948-1952 Ford F-1 Windshield Weatherstrip Seal – With Trim Groove

1948-1952 Ford F-1 Windshield Weatherstrip Seal – With Trim Groove



This windshield seal has a trim groove for the steal trim. It’s made from ozone resistant EPDM rubber and from the same OE specs as the original for an authentic fit and finish.

SKU: WCR 1068


Listed Applications

  • 1948 – 1952 Ford – F Series
  • 1948 – 1952 Ford – F1
  • 1948 – 1952 Ford – F2
  • 1948 – 1952 Ford – F3
  • 1948 – 1952 Ford – F4
  • 1948 – 1952 Ford – F5
  • 1948 – 1952 Ford – F6
  • 1948 – 1952 Ford – F7
  • 1948 – 1952 Ford – F8


Clean glass thoroughly.

Install the gasket on the vehicle body making sure the corners are aligned properly.

For gaskets without corners, make sure you place the vulcanized seam in the bottom middle of the glass.

Slide the glass into the gasket across the bottom and into the glass groove.

Spray the gasket a soapy water solution to help ease the installation.

Using a windshield stick work the gasket over the edge of the glass across the bottom first then up the sides and

across the top. Patting the glass gently with a flat palm as you go. Be patient in the corners they can be tricky.

Once the glass is in place lock the channel by inserting in the locking strip in the groove on the bottom center of the gasket.

Some locking strips are round while others have a specific shape that must match the groove properly.

Most locking strips can be worked into place with a windshield stick and patience, but there are special tools

available that allow for easier installation. Contact your PRP distributor for the right tool for your application.