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Meet The Team

Jason Noel


Jason started out as a bus boy at a Mexican restaurant here in Arizona, then went on to become an airplane pilot, then carpenter, then real estate agent, then truck builder, which he’s been for the last 8 years. Although he’s been a Ford guy all his life, he has a soft spot for all vintage trucks. His favorite FFG builds are usually the last one built, and his favorite decade of truck seems to change by the week. When he’s not working on/ managing builds, he’s usually found studying, learning, and reading. A little known fact about Jason: he has a deep hatred for sharks.

Bret Miller

“Bleed Blue”

Interests include archery, guns, and anything involving the great outdoors. His first job was on the farm tending to cows, chickens, haying, and fencing, where he drove his 65 2wd F250. His favorite decade of trucks happens to be the 60’s styles, and his favorite ride of all time is the classic Ford Mustang. He’s been in the industry since his 18th birthday, and is now “blessed” to work here at FFG with his favorite build being the first he worked on, our ’67 F100.

Andy Venable


He started off as a butcher at a fish market, then eventually got into building import cars, where he fell in love with his Lexus that he wants to drive “until I blow it up”. A Ford guy through and through, his top decade of trucks are the 60s and 70s, with his favorite FFG build being our gray 64 C10 from SEMA 2018. His dream car is a street legal F1 car, and he says the Ferrari F40 comes the closest to that goal. Favorite things include burnouts, camping, fishing, and his wife.

Charlie Brandt


A former dairy farmer and bull-rider, Charlie has now been in the automotive industry for over 20 years. He ended up here at FFG after seeing we were hiring through Instagram, and has become one of our best mechanics. A Dodge guy at heart, his dream daily driver would be adding some mods to his sweet ’75 D100. He loves 70s era trucks, especially our ’72 Blue Bronco we built. On the weekends you’ll more often than not catch him riding his Harley, but deep down his favorite things in life are his wife and kids, but most of all his beautiful grand baby.

Dan Rivera

“Big D”

Dan’s our sales manager at FFG, and he really loves his Fords (especially Fridge trucks). He’s not picky though, as he can appreciate almost any cool truck he sees. His first job was a recreation leader at an after school youth program, which prepped him to be a great dad to his 3 kids. His first ride was a 1959 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Holiday Sports sedan, which he sold to someone in Europe, and regrets it to this very day.

Hope Wiles

Loves to experience new places, Mexican food, and the beach. She loves going on vacation and mid 50’s trucks. Her first job was at hot dog on a stick, but she’s since moved up and been working for Fat Fender for almost 3 years now. Her favorite FFG build is the ’76 4×4 F150, and her dream vehicle would be some sort of luxury sedan with an accompanying chauffeur.

Trevor McLaws


Enjoys riding motorcycles, snowboarding, sitting on the beach and teaching his daughters. His first job was grunt work at an RC hobby shop, and his first vehicle was a 5 cylinder ’99 Ram 1500. He is the self-proclaimed “Whitest person ever that’s fluent in Spanish,” after his 2-year mission in Chile.

Jon Venable


Interests consist of staying active by swimming, biking, and camping, and relaxing by watching folks build custom trucks, (Although at 64 years old, his favorite past time is playing video games). His first job was working at his dad’s grocery store, while driving a 67 Ford Mustang Fastback. He ended up at FFG after getting a call from our shop manager Andy, who happens to be his son. His favorite Fat Fender build if he had to choose just one, is the 76 4×4 Ford, and a little known fact about him is that he likes having jam sessions on his drum set.

Kassidy Noel


An amateur artist who is into painting, drawing, writing, chicken wings, and heavy metal music. Her favorite vehicle of all time is a ’67 Chevy Impala, but if money was no object, she’d daily drive a bright purple challenger. Her favorite past times are video games, and it’s rare to catch her in an outfit that isn’t all black.

Pierce Cleland

First vehicle was a ’51 Chevy 3600, but his first that actually ran was an ’85 Jeep CJ7. His first job was buckin’ hay bales, but has ended up here at Fat Fender handling parts and shipping. His favorite manufacturer is Chevy, “just like God intended,” but if he won the lottery he’d drive a Porsche GT3 RS. If he had to pick the best era of trucks, he’d choose the 70’s, with his best vehicle of all time coming down to a 73-74 C10.